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Bob's Made In America Fishing Rods is an authorized dealer for All Pro Rods. You can now purchase any All Pro fishing rod from the complete line of the All Pro Rod inventory here in our secure Paypal shopping cart, and also benefit from our promotional offers and top manufacturer warranty. Shipping is now absolutely free on any order shipped within the continental United States! Our navigation menu - above - will take you quickly where you need to go. Welcome to the All Pro family - and please contact us about your customer experience.

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Made In America / Made in the USA

All Pro rods are American made - built right here in the United States by skilled craftsmen with over 25 years of experience. These rods are the end result of 1000's and 10's of 1,000's of hours on the water, being tested in all types of fishing situations and conditions. If you are looking for a new rod for yourself or for someone else - you just can't do any better than an All Pro rod. We guarantee it!Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty
All Pro Rods are guaranteed against construction and/or material defects for the lifetime of the original owner and as a customer of Bob's Made in America Fishing Rods you receive the full protection of this consumer-friendly manufacturers' warranty.

Sensitive Power

All Pro makes some of the finest and most sensitive fishing rods available in the world today. The reason for that is, from the very beginning, they have always "Listened" to their team of guides, touring pros, local fishermen, outdoor writers and other knowledgeable professionals to help them refine their product line, and have always insisted upon the highest quality of craftsmanship using the finest quality materials.

Our Warranty

All Pro fishing rods, and the APX series in particular, have been tested on everything from huge Smallmouth/Largemouth Bass to Flathead Catfish/Rockfish to Alaskan Salmon swimming upstream at 50 miles per hour, and have stood up to every situation without fail. Each and every rod that we sell is guaranteed - if for any reason there is any problem, as a customer of Bob's Made in America Fishing Rods you get the full benefit of the generous All Pro Warranty policy ( See our Warranty Policy ). MANUFACTURER LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY

All Pro Rods Limited Lifetime Warranty covers construction and/or material defects for the lifetime of the original owner. Additionally, this same policy is in full effect for any purchase(s) made through this website -, as well. For more details concerning the warranty terms and conditions please refer to the manufacturer's website:
Please note: Our return policy is clearly stated on each page in our Shopping Cart.

APX Graphite Professional Grade

What you first notice about the APX Graphite Professional Grade rod is:

1). The APX rod is unbelievably light. It's like a feather in your hand compared to other "High End Rods" on the market. The fatigue factor from rod weight is virtually eliminated.

2). The APX Graphite Pro is ultra sensitive - with the APX you FEEL even the slightest tap! There are several reasons why the sensitivity is so pronounced:

a). 100% graphite arbors - "Sensor Rings" - are set into the handle.

b). Fuji® ECS Reel Seats are used with blank-thru handle design.

c). Graphite blanks are built to the most exacting standards possible.

d). Finest quality cork available is used.

e). The "New" 100% graphite handle.

f). Chrome titanium guides that have been polished to the point to where your retrieve is extra smooth, eliminating line drag, and wrapped with Gudebrod® thread for ultimate toughness.

Even the slightest hit that you may have not detected in the past can be felt using the APX. The hit is transmitted through the line down the rod into the graphite sensor rings and graphite handle - into your hand. The APX Graphite Pro is offered in 8 different lengths and 6 different rod actions including a Telescoping Flipping Stick.

A Full Range of Custom-Featured Rods

Bob's offers a full range of custom-featured All Pro rods including the Small Mouth Guru and Floating Fly Series - designed specifically for fishing smallmouth bass, the Tennessee Handle series - in either Cork or Graphite handle (with optional fixed-position reel that allows you to choose the reel location on the handle - balancing the rod according to personal preference), the Spinning Reel Seat, Cranking, and Specialty series rods, as well as the latest additions - EL Micro Guide and the APX Elite series.

This full-featured, top-quality line of American made fishing rods is a great resource not only for the full-time fisherman but for the sport or occassional fisherman as well, or anyone who prefers a lighter action rod that doesn't overpower small finesse artificial and live baits -- yet is still strong enough to put a trophy in the boat! If you're looking for a world-class fishing rod that is head and shoulders above the others, you need to try the All Pro APX and APX Elite series. You won'tregret it!

Shipping, Customer Feedback & Contact Info

Welcome to the All Pro family and thank you for your business! All orders are carefully boxed and promptly shipped - factory direct to you - and normal delivery time is about a week for most locations in the USA. Customer feedback is very important to us. Please rate your customer experience or contact us (at with any questions or concerns that you may have. Contact us directly at (267) 229-5162 to voice any concerns, comments or suggestions, or to report a problem or if you need immediate assistance.

We look forward to hearing from you.


  All Pro Rods - Product Endorsements

  • "It's like a feather in your hands compared to other "High End Rods" that I have tested. The fatigue factor from rod weight is eliminated with the APX."

  • "I have a couple myself and love them. The 7' heavy APX moder is an AWESOME Carolina rig rod. I just picked up a 7' med Tennessee handle at the FLW Championship. Can't wait to use it!"

  • "We went to Brazil last December for some peacock action. I used the 7'2" XHeavy APX model and I can honestly say they will hold up. We caught numerous fish over 10# and my best was 15# on this rod. We had 10 guys putting them to the test and not a single one failed. Great rods.... "

  • "I've got quite a few All Pro APX rods. In fact, before I started 'building my own' I stopped buying any other kind but All Pro. They're killer rods, tough as nails, but, the most sensitive rack rod I've fished. I love 'em."

  • "Bought an All Pro spinning rod a few years ago and it has been the best spinning rod I've ever had. When I'm using it everything about it just feels good. Sounds kinda corny but it's the truth!"

  • "I bought 2 of them a couple of months far so good. I bought two 7ft Heavy actions to fish on Guntersville, and have put them to the test with braided line and they have held up very well ... seems like a good choice for the money."

  • "I bought three APX's at the FLW Tour Championship, a 6'6" a 6"10" and a 7' - all in Medium Heavy. So far I have been very impressed with the rods. They are super light and super sensitive and give a nice solid feel on the hookset.'

  • "I've got several ... and I love them. Their rods seem lighter-actioned then what they are rated but when using them you'll see they do perform just like they are rated, but if you're nervous about the action just bump it up one - you won't be disappointed!"

  • "I bought 4 of them, 2 M action spinning w'TN handles and 2 MH 7' casting rods. I have absolutely LOVED these rods since I started using them and have found that I really love the feel of these rods. I would happily buy more rods from them with complete confidence."

  • "All Pro produce a great product, I've been using them for 3 years with no problems. My rods range from a 6' casting rod to 8' swim bait rod. Great all around rods."
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